The Website Installer situated in our Hosting Control Panel will give you an easy and fast approach to start a brand new web site that has a custom appearance in under 5 minutes. It just takes just a few easy steps for your brand new web site to be on the Internet. You’ll be able to pick from more than 200 customizable web site templates and once everything is prepared, you’re able to control your web site with ease. We are going to send you login information for the management area and you will be able to begin introducing completely new web pages immediately. If perhaps, at any time, you need guidance – the technical representatives will be readily available 24x7x365, able to aid you.

The Website Installer is accessible each Linux cloud website hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages package coming when using the Hosting Control Panel.

An intuitive Site Installer

Building a web site is as simple as one–two–three

Building a website completely from scratch could be really hard unless you have at the very least a fundamental level of CSS and HTML experience. You need to know the basics of PHP and JavaScript as well. Using our Website Installer, it’s not necessary to own any kind of development practical knowledge to kickstart a custom website. You can choose amongst over 200 web templates and swiftly modify the selected web template as per your requirements without having to create any program code in the background.

In case you do not like the outcome – return and start up again. It requires just four easy steps, and once you reach step 4 – you will get your website installed and ready to go.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Website Templates

More than two hundred web themes are at hand

We’ve made over two hundred distinctive themes that can be used for your websites. As we have never released these themes outside of our Hosting Control Panel, exclusively’s clients are able to make full use of them. The web templates are thoroughly made to suit all sorts of websites – from private weblogs and portfolio websites to online shops and graphic galleries.

We’re continuously working on releasing unique templates as well.

200+ Free Templates

Make Contact with Us 24 hours for Assistance

The technical professionals on shift night and day

We’ve been in the web hosting sector for a long time now and have a team of highly qualified engineers to help you with any problem you could face with your website(s). In addition, you can easily check our Regularly Asked Questions as well as the great collection of step–by–step video tutorials that address the quite often enquired questions and give approaches to the most frequent difficulties. Using our one–hour reply time guarantee that we cut down to twenty min’s in non–busy hours, you will get prompt assistance all the time.

24/7 Support